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Colorado Grand 2022

Lisa Weinberger

Sep 30, 2022

We just completed the 2022 Colorado Grand 1000 mile vintage car rally.

We just completed the 2022 Colorado Grand 1000 mile vintage car rally. Over 100 cars drove thru quaint towns whose residents hosted our ralliers with coffee breaks and lunch stops.

The Colorado Grand supports many local charities throughout the state. This year our Driven to Care program participated with the Grand in scholarshipping an automotive student from Colorado- Eli F. Eli just began his freshman years at McPherson College (based in McPherson, KS).

McPhersons 4 year automotive program specializes in vintage automotive restoration and preservation. Students graduate with a liberal arts degree. It’s a very impressive and much needed program!

Vintage car collectors are grateful there is such a program so our cars can continue being driven and preserved for future generations.

Driven to Care currently offers 20 scholarships/year for students seeking automotive careers. Our focus is on students from, or attending schools, in Illinois & Texas as we are based in those states. It’s important so we can locally mentor and network our students.

The reason we supported a Colorado student, which is outside of our focused geographic footprint, is because the Grand has provided a platform- a rally- for us to enjoy our historic cars for over 30 years. It’s a way to show our gratitude for being on the “roads less traveled” with well qualified technicians at our side throughout the rallies.

For any vintage rally wishing to establish a scholarship or student experience under the Driven to Care umbrella, we would be happy to collaborate. It’s truly about educating automotive students so our historic cars have a future as the cars will be here long after we are gone.

A big thanks to Tom & Kris Ellis, Brian Martin and others for mentoring Eli during the Grand.

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