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Driven to Care Legacy Scholarship

John Weinberger had a passion for automobiles and a storied career in the automotive industry. His legacy is now continued through his scholarships. Below are four categories of automotive study that were integral in John Weinberger’s life. If you are pursuing a career in one of these fields, please apply for the scholarships below.

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What is the Driven to Care Legacy Scholarship program?

The John Weinberger Driven to Care Legacy Scholarships support students attending select schools who share a similar enthusiasm for the automotive field. Scholarship awards range between $1,000 and $10,000. We encourage all applicants to learn about John’s life and career by watching this video. Do you ‘see yourself in John’? Please tell us how on your application!

Annual scholarship applications for all automotive categories open each Spring.  Monthly tech scholarships are available year-round. 

Scholarships applications are now open - Click here for information to apply!

Beyond scholarships, Driven to Care offers opportunities to experience the thrill of racing through racetrack tours and behind-the-scenes tours of vintage car auctions. Sign up for these alerts below.

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Who is this scholarship for?

  • Illinois or Texas students pursuing a career as an automotive technician and enrolled at an in-state college/postsecondary tech school that offers automotive technical training.

  •  SAE-Chicago section automotive students enrolled in the engineering program at either
    Northern Illinois University or the University of Illinois-Chicago -OR- students enrolled in Southern Illinois University pursuing studies in the School of Automotive focused on automotive technology, automotive service engineering, and automotive management.

  •  Students from Texas or Illinois attending any vintage/restoration program in the U.S. (such as a McPherson or Penn Tech), -OR- students from Texas or Illinois enrolled in a post-secondary program with the goal of pursuing a vintage/restoration career.

  • Lyons Township High School (Illinois) automotive students enrolled in a postsecondary school to pursue a career in the automotive industry.

  • Illinois or Texas students attending Northwood University, pursuing skills in car dealership management, marketing, and communications.

  • A student either attending a tech school in Colorado or being from Colorado and going to a tech school in the U.S. with a passion for restoration/vintage automobiles. The awardee will also receive an apprenticeship with the Colorado Grand from September 12-17, 2022.



Teaming up with Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE Chicago), we are offering engineering scholarships to Northern Illinois University and University of Illinois - Chicago.  The Society of Automotive Engineers works with students at both of these schools to bring their knowledge from the classroom to the real world of automotive engineering. 



Offering the definitive bachelor’s degree in automotive restoration, McPherson College is the place for serious students to pursue their passion for vintage cars. With access to internships and field experiences around the country, students can explore careers in shops, museum, private collections, and other areas of the automotive world. Students are exposed to all areas of restoration including metal fabrication, engines, trim and upholstery, paint, drive train, and chassis. There are five areas of emphases to choose from: Automotive Restoration Technology, Management, Communications, Design, and History.



Northwood University has shared a unique and long partnership with the members of the National Automobile Dealers Association. To have a successful career in the rapidly changing automotive industry, you need more than the right skill set; you also need the right mindset. Dealerships and automobile companies value employees who think creatively, take calculated risks, adapt to change and uncover new opportunities.

Northwood’s Automotive Marketing and Management major will teach you these skills, in classes led by professors with real-world experience who create environments that mirror the kind our graduates thrive.


Skilled automotive technicians are in high demand, as today's cars are sophisticated computers-on-wheels. Whether you dream of working in a dealership, an independent service shop, or even owning your own shop one day, getting a solid post-secondary technical education accelerates your road to success.

These scholarships support any students from Illinois or Texas enrolled at any in-state college/post-secondary technician training school to learn the core skills needed to become a professional technician.


How to Apply via TechForce

(TechForce administers the application and selection process for the John Weinberger Driven to Care Legacy Scholarship.)

Scholarship opens every Spring

1) Create a profile in

2) Select “Scholarships” from the left nav bar. There’s a video and a tip sheet to help you. Pick your school from the drop down list to connect to the application portal. Please choose “other” if you do not see your post-secondary school listed.

3) Complete the general application. Hit Submit.

4) Finally, you must apply specifically to the Accelerate Tuition scholarship opportunity. Hit Submit.

5) If you are selected, you will be notified at the email used to create your profile.

6) Ready? Apply Now to TechForce.

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Get a VIP behind-the-scenes tour and free tickets to a race. Experiences will be at Road America (Elkhart Lake, WI), Circuit of the Americas (Austin, TX), or Autobahn Country Club (Joliet, IL).

Registration required to get notification alerts for annual scholarship applications & to be invited to behind-the-scene tours of racetrack operations.

Thank you for registering with our Driven To Care program. You will receive alerts soon!

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Driven to Care and TechForce student experience at Autobahn Country Club

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Rally drive with local Ferrari Club (Midwest) and 4 of the 5 Scholarship winners and former students joining

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The Driven to Care Legacy Scholarships and Student Experiences support students attending schools who share an enthusiasm for the automotive field. Donate today below via PayPal using a credit card, debit card or bank account and help fund scholarships/experiences for the future of the automotive industry.

To become a Legacy Challenge donor, visit this link.


“Measure success in smiles.”

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1932 - 2020

Click the link below to learn more about the life of John Weinberger

John Weinberger had a passion for automobiles and a storied career in the automotive industry. His legacy is now continued through the Driven to Care Legacy Scholarship program. To learn more about the wonderful life of John Weinberger, please click the link below to see photos, videos, and stories of his life inside and out of the automotive world.


Awards have been established to honor fellow car enthusiasts who have passed on and left a legacy that had an major impact on the automotive industry.


Dale was a master technician at Continental Autosports for over 43 years. He was creative and always willing to help, and never turned down a job or task, He would figure out a way to make it work.


He had a lifelong passion for Ferrari's, from the engineering to maintaining and reviving the cars himself.  Automobiles were more than ownership, it was about being a steward of the Ferrari cars.

2022 F1 UPDATE

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